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Histoires de Parfums absolu Eau de parfum 60ml FIDELIS

فیدلیس عطری شگفت انگیز از از مجموعه کمیاب های هیستوری با رایحه های گل های بهاری است که در سال 2015 به بازار عرضه شد.
شیشه این عطر مس اندود شده، فلزی که نماد خدمت به ونوس، الهه ی عشق و اغوا گری در یونان باستان است. فیدلیس مشام را نوازش می دهد و همچون بوسه ای مقدس بر دستان ونوس این خالق اغواگر زده می شود.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Complex

Complex is a firm favourite within the Luxury Perfume Collection, inspiring all with its rich earthy tones. Complex is a confident perfume, full of sensual accords including; incense, musks , basil and sage. There is an animal mystery to this scent that is captivating. The hint of violet adds another dimension to this fragrance, ensuring it lives up to its ‘complex’ name. This is a sexy and suggestive scent. Complex dries down to an extremely distinguished scent with an air of mystery; full of confident sexuality. It has superb longevity on the skin.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Imperial

Imperial, as its name suggests is a scent which commands authority. It is audacious and fearless, yet engrained with refined sensibility. Imperial has a prowess that makes those about you take notice and stand to attention. The fragrance begins with calm assurance, the lavender hinting at something gentile, while the birch and rosewood ensure stature and body. Surprisingly the heart of this fragrance is floral; as if lulling us into a false sense of security, the white jasmine and delicate freesia embroil to create a sense of warm romance, caressing the skin – before the take over of the base. It is here where Imperial really comes into its own – the leather, patchouli and Cambodian oud emerge triumphantly though the floral veil with daring delight. The notes `march fervently, seamlessly blending with soft guaiac wood and Indian sandalwood combining to conjure a self assured impression, imprisoning all it encounters. Imperial is a fragrance that knows what it’s about and isn’t afraid to be noticed.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Ardent

Ardent is a captivating fragrance inspired by sweet depths of the earth and peppered with delectable floral notes. The combination of such natural rarities creates a delicate, yet rich scent reminiscent of humid seductive evenings in a far exotic land. The top notes open with theatrical anticipation and dazzle on the skin; plucky saffron mingles with coriander before being softened by creamy, elegant Turkish rose. The middle of this scent only intensifies our lust for luxury, as Rose Absolute and Jasmine take on a sumptuous role arresting the wearer with their heady warmth. Ardent’s base gently simmers us, bring us down to earth, the subtle use of argarwood anchors the fragrance masterfully, while the benzion and amber ensure a sensitive finish. Ardent is a fragrance full of romantic drama – indulging the senses from beginning to end.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Blue Sapphire

Inspired by the 65th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the new addition to the Boadicea The Victorious has a regal air.No gemstone can match the mysterious beauty of a blue sapphire – considered a symbol of harmony, loyalty, friendship and trust. They are qualities that are evocative of the legend of Queen Boadicea herself, and the new fragrance has been designed to resonate with those values.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Energizer

Energizer awakens the spirit and wakes the body. It is as its name suggests , a thoroughly energizing experience. It is clean, fresh and full of vigour. The top notes are crisp and sparkle with delight . Energizer is guaranteed to give you a shower fresh feeling thoughout the day with its use of prime ingredients and high perfume concentration. As the top notes dazzle, the base acts as a contrast - smooth and soft comprising of vetiver and gentle musk. Energizer is enjoyed by both male and female for its rejuvenating and long lasting capabilities.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Monarch

Monach Eau de Perfume is a luxurious and opulent eau de perfume. Warm and caressing top notes including red fruits and armoise, draw the wearer into a sense of heady delight, quickly meeting with the heart notes dominated by marvellous roses. However, the dry down readily surprises with an abundance of warm woody tones infused with a touch of spice. Leather adds a hint on sensuality to this altogether arresting fragrance. An enchanting blend of leather and patchouli; regal with a definite contemporary edge - not to be defied!

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Adventuress

Adventuress is a fantastically energetic fragrance with a dazzling personality; this is achieved with a number of glistening citrus top notes including mandarin. A subtle hint of ginger brings a new dimension to the fragrance, along with a powdery dry down with base notes of sandalwood and musks. The peachy heart is succulent and juicy and adds a subtle sweetness to the blend. Adventuress really is a journey worth taking! Adventuress is a free, vibrant fragrance with a gentle caressing dry down that leaves everyone thirsty for more.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Chariot

Chariot is a sensational new fragrance - this rich scent blends middle eastern oudh with papyrus, patchouli, cedar and sandalwood. Tones of resinous benzoin combine musk and moss whilst the heart entwines tuberose, neroli, jasmine and rose with spicy accents of cardamon and nutmeg. The delectable top notes lead this buoyant Eau de Perfume with triumphant style, the red fruits waving the flag, subtly followed by more citrus tones of lemon and bergamot. The dry down brings an enveloping dusky sentiment with saffron demonstrating a plucky character. A sense of intrigue is high on the agenda! An effervescent concoction of rose, jasmine and delectable fruits. Sparkling and enticing.

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume 100ml Glorious

Glorious surprises from the beginning with a hit of glossy, juicy accords loaded with playful mischief. Raspberry, plum and peach mingle on the skin with succulent delight, while apple and pineapple bring a sense of heavenly effervescence. As the fruity tones melt away, Glorious unravels like a fine wine, smooth and utterly divine. The heart of jasmine ensures the palpable feeling of luxury, while the use of cardamom and nutmeg convey the air of nonconformity that has become synonymous with Boadicea the Victorious. The dry presents a moody, more mature sentient, emerging with warmth and charm. The amalgamation of precious woods, including, cedar wood, sandalwood and patchouli add to the mystique of the perfume. The lick of vanilla and whisper of amber demonstrates a luscious finish to an altogether intoxicating scent.


Figaro FRAGRANCE CONCEPT: THE BARBER OF SEVILLE Bold and seductive like the Figaro from Beaumarchais’ plays, Figaro by Lubin takes liberties with conventions much like the character that inspired it. An extremely original unisex fragrance, its construction is based on the daring opposition of vetiver and fig, which starts out green and ends up with gentle amber and woody base notes.

Linari Eau de parfum 100ml NOTTE BIANCA

The perfume: Exciting and infatuating like a sleepless night. A delightful interaction of delicate fruity accents of pink grapefruit, fresh bergamot and Italian orange combine with the vitalising spicy notes of star anise, elixir of absinth, clove, sage and the finest cashmere wood. Accords of Haitian vetiver and tonka bean provide a seductive sensual character to the base note, highlighted by white musk and amber.